The World to Hear


The World To Hear, 2017, 28min, commissioned by Trojan Women Scotland.

In the summer of 2016, thirteen Syrian female refugees left their lodgings in Jordan to tour the UK with their own adaptation of Euripides’ great anti-war play, The Trojan Women. Backed by London’s prestigious Young Vic Theatre, the women weaved their stories of exile and loss into the play. Alongside behind-the-scenes footage, we hear first-hand why this play can help people better understand what it means to be Syrian today. The film presents personal stories of trauma and resistance. It aims to draw attention to, and challenge, the stereotypical image of the refugee that is pervasive within our culture, and impossible to overcome in our image saturated world: that of the faceless uneducated victim.

Screened at: 
Glasgow short film festival, London International Documentary festival, St Andrews University, Edinburgh University, St Stephens School in Rome.

Director: Charlotte Ginsborg & Anatole Sloan
Executive Producers: William Stirling & Oliver King
Producers: Charlotte Eagar & Ramin Sabi
Editors: Charlotte Ginsborg & Anatole Sloan
DOP: Charlotte Ginsborg & Anatole Sloan
Composer: Nathan Klein
Sound designer: Johnny Platt @ Wave
Colourist: Vicki Matich @ ENVY Post Production
Theatre Tour: A Developing Artists, Refugee Productions and Young Vic co-production