Melior Street

Independent Film

Melior Street, 2011, 65min, commissioned by FLAMIN (Film London Artists’ Moving Image Network).
Distributed by: LUX

Melior Street, set entirely within a small road in London Bridge, follows the lives of eight people who are linked to the street through work, religion, study or homelessness. Charlotte Ginsborg collaborated with composer Gabriel Prokofiev to develop the characters’ words into songs which they perform in the film. This is life from the road surface up, but much can happen in the shared air of the street. Conversations and songs address class, race and the nature of belonging. Hovering between documentary, drama and musical the film honours the normally unknowable worlds that dwell behind every face and gaze and celebrates both the overlooked and the underseen. The Street functions as a stage set for an exploration of eight people’s relationship to community and transience within the city.

Director: Charlotte Ginsborg
Producer: Veronica Saez
Executive Producers for Film London: Maggie Ellis & Rose Cupit
DOP: Rupert Hornstein
Additional Camera: Charlotte Ginsborg, Jason Ellis, Gabby Norland
Composer: Gabriel Prokofiev
Dramaturge: Gabriel Gbadamosi
Sound design: Ron Wright

Screened & exhibited at:
Belfast Film Festival Ireland, Hackney Picture House, London, UK, Seoul International New Media Festival, South Korea, Whitechapel Art Gallery UK, Art on the Underground, Canary Wharf screen UK, Fotografia Europe 012, Reggio Emilia, Italy, Powers of The False - Institute Francais UK, Choreographing The City, QUAD, Derby, UK, Dalsdon House, Barbican Gallery off site Artist’s film program UK, Documentary Now, UCL, UK, New British Cinema – Perspectives on reality, Metroplois Kino, Hamburg, Germany, Shortwave Cinema UK, Home Economics - John Hansard Gallery, Southampton, UK