Lady Rosebery


Lady Rosebery, 2018, 15min

A portrait of Lady Rosebery, one of the first generation of women to attend the Ruskin school of Art, Oxford University, where she met and married the 7th Earl of Rosebery. As his young wife she moved with him to the grandeur of Dalmeny House on the coastal shores of West Lothian, Scotland. Along with overseeing the running of a significant country estate she inherited a vast collection of art works including one of the best displays of French 17th & 18th Century furniture outside of France, as well as a collection Napoleonic art and objects, notably Napoleons throne and the pillow on which he was laid to rest.

Now in her eighties the film follows the spirited Lady Rosebery in her daily routines around the house and grounds of the estate as she reflects on her curatorial role of the art collection, the delight she takes in the history of the objects, as well as revealing the changes she has witnessed in the role of the British aristocracy and her relationship to motherhood.

Production Company: Dalmeny Estates and Damselfish Productions
Director: Charlotte Ginsborg
Producer: Charlotte Eagar
DOP: Charlotte Ginsborg
Sound recordist: Peter Crowder
Composition: Jane Watkins
Sound design: Jack Sedgwick @ WAVE
Colourist; Myles Bevan @ Time based Art