J.S.Ondara - Ballad of Nana Doline- Promo


J.S Ondara - Ballad of Nana Doline, 2020, 10min

Kenyan-born Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter J.S. Ondara wrote his new album Folk N’ Roll Vol 1 : Tales of Isolation in direct response to the global Covid pandemic. The album was composed and produced by Ondara while in lockdown in Minneapolis over the course of a week, and came out of Ondara’s deep need to create as a form of therapy during this incredibly uncertain time. The Ballad of Nana Doline is the ten minute haunting track that closes the album. The promo features residents at Brandrams Housing Co-operative, London, lypsyncing to the track. The idea was inspired by the weekly sing alongs the residents had been doing under lockdown where they came on to their balconies and roof garden to sing with and to each other as away of boosting spirits and connecting to each other through song . The promo, as well as bringing the intensity and haunting darkness of Ondara's lyrics to life, aims to portray the relief and delight we as human beings feel when creating, singing and expressing ourselves. It is a series of intimate portraits, or 'character studies', as well as a portrait of this unique building and community.

Director: Charlotte Ginsborg
Record Label: Verve Forecast - Universal Music Group
Commissioning Editor; Liz Hart @ Miss Management
Producer: Astrid Edwards @ Squire
DOP: Charlotte Ginsborg
Camera Assistant: Paolo Mozzato
Editor: Charlotte Ginsborg
Colourist: Myles Bevan  @ Time Based Arts


Carolyn Cahalane, Clare Moloney, John Healy, Eileen Sullivan
Nike Baruwa, Nathan Osgood, Rachel Harding, Lottie Muir
Paolo Mozzato, Naomi Bourne, Taylor Haynes, Cathy Wren