22.22, 2017, 31min, commissioned by FLAMIN (Film London Artists’ Moving Image Network) and Arts Council England.

22:22 paints a vivid portrait of Tom Sietas, a world record holder in static apnea, the ability to hold one’s breath under water. His record stands at a phenomenal twenty-two minutes and twenty-two seconds. The film combines evocative underwater photography of a record attempt with a contemporary dance performed to a live piano score. As the tension of the record attempt mounts the story that links the two activities is revealed through the pianist’s live narration. The film interweaves documentary and fiction to reveal what drives Tom to push his body to such extraordinary physical extremes; For Tom to deny breath is to find life.

Screened & exhibited at:
London Film Festival, UK , Sheffield Documentary Festival, UK , East End Film Festival, UK, Aesthetica, UK , Dance Camera West, LA, USA, Visions in the Nunnery, Nunnery Gallery, UK.

Director: Charlotte Ginsborg
Producers: Rob Small & Emily Morgan
DOP: Catherine Derry
Underwater Photography: Daan Verhoeven & Dagmar Scheibenreif
Choreographer: Kirill Burlov
Editor: Charlotte Ginsborg
Composer: Gabriel Prokofiev
Sound design: Jonny Platt @ Wave
Colourist: Simone Grattarola @ Time Based Arts

Tom Sietas
Sandra Ortega-Bejarano
Lewis Wilkins